Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Godly Acres Press Release

It's Willow's first day on the job at Godly Acres, the world's premier rehabilitation facility for gods and goddesses, and she might be in over her head. Sex addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, goat name it, there's a Greek god who has it. Will she be able to help these gods and goddesses work through their issues? Find out in Godly Acres, a web series about Greek gods in therapy! Godly Acres was written by playwright Crystal Smith-Connelly, and it stars Lena Coleman (Willow), Eric Geller (Zeus), Lauren-Joy Goss-Marr (Hera), Nate Golon (Dionysus), Christina Shipp (Aphrodite), Corby Sullivan (Hermes), Camille Bennett (Athena), Paul Suda (Ares), Hilary Craft (Demeter), Will Brunson (Cronus), and Kate Bowman (Medusa).

The Godly Acres Indiegogo campaign runs from April 28th through June 12th and offers great perks, such as stickers, magnets, keychains, Greek mythology books, and the opportunity to be thanked in the end credits of an episode or have a book dedicated to you.

You can keep up with all the Godly Acres news here:

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